The internet, Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Whatsapp …. (honestly, I don’t know too many more :P)  – children today have an array of sources online from which they get and give information.

Back in the day, when a school assignment had to be done, we would trudge to the library, go through the card catalogue, search for the relevant sources and then spend hours pouring over journals and books to get the information that you want. The end result was quite satisfying, a neatly handwritten assignment put in a carefully selected folder with your name written proudly on it.

Today? Well, children are spoilt for choice, not only do they have Google, they also have access to the best journals online – which is fantastic.  Access to information is empowering. But this access comes with a disclaimer. That it is unlimited access to absolutely anything and everything on the Internet. And that means ANYTHING.

Innocuous searches can lead to the most harmful content. The other day I was in for a very rude shock when I typed ‘Kids’ on one social media platform. My search feed was flooded with pornographic content!! It was shocking as well as scary! Now what if I was a 10 year old? What would I have done with that information??

And that’s where the problem lies – children today are bombarded with information from all kinds or sources. You can call it an information over-load. But we are not dialoguing with  them on how to deal with this. How much is too much? What is appropriate? What is privacy? What is safe?

We need to first equip ourselves with information on what is out there, what children are being exposed to, what are the various media most used. And then we need to figure out how best to dialog with our children.

It is this very need that spurred us into action at CQ Games. We have on board Adv. Vaishali Bhagwat, a noted civil and cyber crime lawyer who will be conducting workshops with us on Cyber security and children.

This blog is the first in a tri-series on Cyber Security and your Child.