APGAR Score. Play date. Screen-time. Aptitude tests. Words that have become part of our everyday vocabulary but were alien just a decade ago. Today children lead extremely structured lives in which each minute is accounted for and should amount to something. What happened to spontaneity? Imagination? Dreaming? Why have these suddenly become dangerous for children to explore? It’s as if parents have found a safe cocoon in structure – and feel secure to know what comes next… drawing class at 5.00 pm! But is that what childhood is all about? What does ‘childhood’ mean today? Are we robbing our children of a childhood with all this structure and planning? Or are we being too harsh on parents – who are both working and after a hard day at work prefer to put on the TV to entertain their children rather than talk to them?

At CQKids, we ask ourselves these questions every day. It is these questions that have laid the foundation to the creation of our games and tools. There is no black and white/ good or bad. It’s unfair to say that children 20 years ago had a better childhood than children today. ( we would also land up sounding like old fogies…. ‘in our time….’!)  For us, ‘balance’ is the key word. A balance between the old and the new. Often it feels like we are walking a tight rope, but we feel its necessary to be walked!

So, have we cracked the code yet? Hmm…. well, we’ve made a start. At CQKids, FUN is of prime importance. You can say, it’s our non-negotiable.  What’s the point of doing anything with children if they are not having fun, right?

So, follow us on our journey as we explore and try and answer all our own questions… and try and create the fine balance between structure – fun- play – appropriate behaviour – and so much more!

Welcome aboard ! We promise you it’s going to be a wild ride!