2015… What a year you have been! Where do we even begin to describe you? You’ve been absolutely splendid for us at CQ Games. You nurtured us, taught us and got us walking and then running within no time! We learnt tons, and are all set to learn so much more!

But, what did you have in store for the rest of the world 2015? Like each year, you too were marked with the loss of great minds and souls – The common man’s voice R.K Laxman, Dr. Kalam – who showed us that the common man can do so much when just given the right opportunities, Govind Pansare and Dr. Kalburgi- whose lives were snuffed out in the most horrific manner. These were some of the great people we knew, but there were hundreds of nameless others who lost their lives in natural calamities, terror attacks and due to sheer intolerance. Intolerance – a word that has marred you 2015. A word that made so many of us stand up and fight for what should be rightfully ours – FREEDOM. The freedom to choose what to eat, what religion to follow or what clothes to wear or what websites to visit. You gave birth to a whole lot of us who decided that we were no longer going to stay silent and watch our freedoms being taken away from us. We returned awards, waged protests, fought for our rights, fought for the right of our children. We were stifled, but we fought back.

2015, we have emerged strong. But this new found strength has come at a cost – the cost of freedom, the cost of security, the cost of death and destruction. We promise not to forget the cost. We’ve been shaken out of our slumber.

Today, we have the power – of information, of connectivity, of knowledge that is widely shared. The internet has empowered us in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Today, mobile phones have connected millions, given people in the remotest places access to information. Social media has given us the platform to voice our concerns, share our opinion, support those in need. Mothers have found their voices through the medium of blogs – whether it’s a homemaker sitting in a small town or a celebrity blogger – women are making themselves heard. Mothers have realised the power of the media and are using it to empower not just themselves but millions of others. We are part of an internet revolution – that has given people the opportunity to live their dreams and help others realise theirs.

2015 – you made us strong, equipped us with the most important tool – that of information. So, 2016, beware, we’re ready – no matter what you throw our way!